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Complaints About Weeds

The City has received an increased number of phone calls regarding weeds in the community. We understand that tall weeds can be an eyesore, whether it is on your neighbor’s property, in the City’s open space or right of way, or in a commercial area. The City appreciates the community’s interest in helping keep Arvada a beautiful place to live, work and visit.

But before you pick up the phone to report the issue, we’d like to suggest a few steps for you to consider first. Keep in mind that May 2019 marked the wettest month the metro Denver area has experienced in 24 years. That fact, along with the sudden extremely hot temperatures and continued moisture means that weeds have the perfect environment in which to flourish. And flourish, they have. Everywhere.

Please remember:

  • Please be patient. It may take time for residents, businesses and municipalities to adjust to this year’s vastly increased weed growth and schedule required to remove them.
  • Be a good neighbor and offer to help. There may be residents who are elderly or disabled and are unable to keep up with the flourishing weeds.
  • Have a conversation with them. Share your perspective. What is unsightly to you may not look so terrible to your neighbor.

If you have considered or taken these steps and the weed issue is still intolerable, use Ask Arvada to report it: The system helps us more efficiently route requests to the right team.

Finally, if you’re not comfortable using Ask Arvada yet, you may leave a message with the information for Code Enforcement at 720-898-7465.