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Business Licenses

A business license is required for any business located in Arvada as well as any business coming into the City to sell, lease, rent, deliver or install tangible personal property. Licensing can be done online using MUNIRevs.

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If you are interested in operating a short term rental or food truck in Arvada, you must have a Business License in addition to these permits/licenses:

If you are an occasional vendor or have participated in a special event and have tax to remit to Arvada, please apply for an account using  the MUNIRevs web portal and notate that you need a tax return. You can use this account for all occasional or special event remittance, just contact Revenue and let them know you need a tax return added to your account. Please be sure to have your account number ready when you contact them.

Other Licenses

Certain types of business require a general business license. Examples of these businesses include:

  • Adult Business
  • Amusement License (10 or less machines)
  • Amusement Arcade License (11 or more machines)
  • Kennel License
  • Liquor Licenses
  • Massage Parlor
  • Special Event Liquor Permit
  • Trash Haulers 

For more information, please see  Chapter 22 - Businesses of the Municipal Code. To obtain an application please call Kristen Rush at 720-898-7546.





Additional Requirements