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Public Hearings

Public Hearings are formal proceedings that give citizens an opportunity to express their views on a specific topic. Some items that require Public Hearings are annual  budgets, public improvement /planning projects, and levying of special assessments. Citizens wishing to speak are asked to complete a form and indicate if they are for or against the topic. Proponents and Opponents will be given approximately the same amount of time to address the topic with a limit of one hour for each side. Therefore, it’s important to organize a presentation prior to the hearing. For those who do not wish to speak but wish to declare their position, a form is available which then becomes part of the permanent record.

A typical hearing format consists of:

  1. The Mayor opens the hearing.
  2. City staff describes the proposal.
  3. Public comments are heard.
  4. The Mayor closes the hearing.
  5. Councilmembers have an opportunity to comment and ask questions of City staff.
  6. Council takes action, votes on, or defers their decision.