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Snow Buddies Program

Snow Buddies is a voluntary program administered by Neighborhood Engagement Program to help those in need with snow shoveling.

Volunteer to Be a Snow Buddy

The winter season is upon us! Some of our seniors and disabled residents are unable to clear their sidewalks when snow fall is heavy. Through the City's Snow Buddies program, we match them with available volunteers for the 2020-21 winter season.

This service is available to City of Arvada residents who:

  • Are physically unable to shovel their own sidewalk,
  • Cannot afford to pay for these services, and
  • Do not have neighbors, family or friends to assist them.

To apply, fill out our Snow Buddies Volunteer Application.

What to Expect from a Snow Buddy

Volunteers will:

  • Shovel your front sidewalk, clear the path to your front door, and half of your driveway, if you drive.
  • Shovel your sidewalk within 24 hours after a snowstorm ends, as required by City code. Please remember many volunteers have jobs and may need the full 24 hours to shovel your walk.
  • Shovel your sidewalk only after a significant snowfall that won’t melt within 24 hours.

As a recipient of this service, you:

  • Should call your volunteer directly if someone else shovels your walk so we can save your volunteer a trip.
  • Should thank your volunteer, often.
  • Should not invite the volunteer into your home, for your safety and theirs. You may, however, send cookies, hot chocolate or other goodies home with your volunteer!
  • Should not pay your volunteer. Your volunteer is doing this for the satisfaction of serving neighbors in need.

Application for Assistance

All residents in need of snow shoveling assistance must submit their application every year. To apply, fill out our Snow Buddies Application for Help.

**Please be aware, for the most part, our Snow Buddy volunteers are your neighbors.  They are not contracted with the City; we merely serve as a point of contact to help make matches. The City of Arvada will do its best to match people, however, if a match cannot be found, residents are still responsible for proper snow removal.


For more information, email