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Resident Rebate

The rebate program has ended, however the program will reopen again in May 2021. Please check back for details closer to that date!

About the Resident Rebate

The City of Arvada offers tax rebates to qualified residents through the Resident Rebate Program. The Program runs from May through August. Rebate amounts are $85 for the first person and $50 for additional persons. Partial residency rebates are offered on a pro-rated basis.

All qualified residents must fill out an application each year and provide proof of income.

  • New Applicants: If this is the first time you are applying: 
    • New applicants are required to submit a lawful presence affidavit with a valid photo ID for each person in the household over the age of 18. New applicants will need to fill out an application and affidavits along with required income documentation. 
  • Existing Applicants: If you have applied for the rebate in the past: 
    • Existing applicants will have an application mailed to their home. If you have a child that turned 18 in 2019, they will need to submit an affidavit and valid photo ID. Income documentation is required every year.


You may be qualified for the Resident Tax Rebate Program if you lived within the Arvada City limits in 2019 and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Senior citizen: Age 65 by December 31, 2019; or
  • Single: Between the age of 55 and 65 by December 31, 2019 and does not share the household with another adult; or
  • Disabled person; or
  • Single head of household with dependent children;

AND, the gross income for the entire household from all sources, including Social Security, is equal to or less than the annual income limit set yearly by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. See application for details

Required Documents

Documentation must be provided each year for all income sources and bank statements cannot be accepted. Residency information must also be provided for applicants that have not applied or those that have moved. Residency can be established with:

  • Copy of a lease agreement or rental receipts for all 2019.
  • Copy of 2019 City of Arvada utility bill in applicant’s name.
  • Other 2019 documents accepted at the discretion of City staff.

Rebates cannot be processed until we receive the completed application, affidavit/ID/proof of residency (if necessary), and all income documents. 

Contact Information

You may call the Resident Rebate hotline, 720-898-7114, for more information.