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Geo Data Services (Drafting & GIS)

The role of the Geo Data Services Division is to create, manage and maintain geographic data resources, map the City infrastructure, and provide maps and location based information. The Geo Data Services Division maintains the Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as, provides drafting of construction drawings for capital improvement projects administered by the Engineering Division.

We are also using GIS and AutoCad software in the following city projects.

Engineering and Infrastructure Drawing Support

The Geodata Services Division uses AutoCad software to provide construction drawings and design assistance for capital improvement projects. These projects include street, water, wastewater, drainage and other special projects that are "in-house" projects administered by the Engineering Division.

Master Address Database Maintenance

Almost 80% of all city business uses addresses to provide services to city residences and businesses. A good central repository of addresses saves many departments from managing Arvada's 45,000 addresses. We use a GIS database to manage, and distribute the repository to other departments and also use it in the Address Search and Property Information application where the addresses are linked to other city information about each address.

Parcel and Base Map Layer Management

We provide up-to-date city base maps and layers including addresses, parcels, street centerlines, annexations, city boundary, zoning, subdivisions, and Official City Maps. Base layer information is provided to both internal users and external agencies, including commercial mapping companies.

Planning and Zoning Support

We update Zonning maps and other data that is routed through Planning to City Council. This includes Annexations and Vacations. We support the Community Development department with custom internal Applications and general map support as well.

Police Department Mapping Support

We provide map and data updates to the dispatch communications center along with the patrol car mobile units. This helps call locations be verified rapidly and ensure quick response times for calls for service. We also assist the Crime Analyst division with various projects and cases as required.

Please contact with any questions.