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Applying for a Passport: What to Bring

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 virus, the City suspended Passport Services until further notice. The City will continually evaluate the situation and make decisions accordingly. For updates, visit

For updates from the US Department of State regarding the effect of the COVID-19 closures on their processing of passports visit their website homepage here.

Are you looking for General Passport Information? You'll find it at Passport Information.


There will be TWO separate payments. Visit Fee schedule on our FAQ page.

  1. Passport Application Payment to the U.S. Department of State - Check or Money Order ONLY (no cash)
    We recommend you bring a blank check and wait to fill in the amount until we have reviewed your particular situation.
  2. Passport Processing Fee to the City of Arvada - Check, Money Order, Mastercard/Visa or Cash


Do NOT sign your application until asked to do so.

Visit to create and print the DS-11.  You can also obtain a DS-11 application at the Arvada Passport Office at City Hall, but please keep in mind that filling out the application prior to coming to our office will decrease your wait time. 

Please note: Social security number is required for all applicants including infants and children.

Personal Documents

You will need to bring BOTH proof of citizenship AND proof of identity documents with you when you apply.

1. Proof of Citizenship

You will need one of the following:

  • Previously issued undamaged (expired or not) U.S. Passport Book or Passport Card

  • Original U.S. Naturalization Certificate

  • A Certified Birth Certificate, which must include all of the following:

    • A file date or the date the certificate was filed in the registrar’s office, within one year of the birth
    • Applicant's full name
    • Date and place of birth
    • Parents’ names
    • Registrar’s signature
    • A raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal of the registrar’s office
    • Tip: To get a copy of your birth certificate, contact the Vital Records office where you were born.

We cannot accept hospital or baptismal certificates as proof of U.S. citizenship. All citizenship documents must be original (not photocopies) and will be sent with your application, but will be returned to you by the U.S. Department of State when your passport is issued.

2. Proof of Identity

Primary Identification - You will need one of the following:

  • Driver's License
    • if your Driver's License is not from Colorado or is a temporary paper license from Colorado, please bring a second photo I.D.
  • Government Employee ID: county, state or federal
  • U.S. Military ID: military and dependents
  • U.S. Naturalization Certificate with identifiable photo attached
  • Certificate of Citizenship with identifiable photo attached
  • Previous (valid) U.S. Passport book or passport card
  • Current (valid) foreign passport

Secondary Identity Documents

  • State issued identification cards
  • Work or industrial identification card
  • School or college identification card
  • Expired driver's license


Ages 15 and Under

Parent(s) listed on birth certificate must appear together with the child and provide proof of their identity as listed above.

If both parents are not able to appear together, one parent must appear with the child and submit the non-appearing parent’s notarized DS-3053 Statement of Consent and a photocopy of the non-appearing parent's identification (front and back). 

One parent can submit evidence of sole authority to apply, such as a certified court order granting sole custody and decision making authority to the applying parent (unless the child’s travel is restricted by that order). If submitting a court document, it must be the original document, which will be returned to you along with the passport.

Ages 16 and 17

Many times minors in this age group may have only an Instruction Permit or school I.D., which they should bring with them. At least one parent must appear with the applicant and must provide his/her valid I.D. and sign along with the minor.


The City Clerk’s Office can take your passport photo at the time you submit your application for a fee of $10. If you choose to have your photo taken at other retail stores who provide passport photos, please see photo requirements on our FAQ page.