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Parking Tickets

Parking tickets in Arvada may be issued for a Civil Citation (issued by LAZ Parking) or a Traffic Violation (issued by Arvada PD). To determine which type of ticket you have been issued, look closely at your ticket.

Civil Citations

Civil Citations are issued by LAZ Parking and result in a fine. The remedy does not require a court appearance and can be handled entirely online. Examples of civil citations include:

  • Violating a timed parking limitation
  • Stopping or standing in a restricted area
  • Parking on private property without permission

To pay a Civil Citation issued by LAZ Parking, follow these steps:

Online Payments Payments can be made online at:
Mail-in Payments

Send to:
LAZ Parking

633 17th Street Suite 1650

Denver, CO 80202

In-person payments are not accepted.

Appeal If you wish to appeal the citation submit the appeal online

Call LAZ Parking (720) 364-8587

Parking Tickets (Traffic Violations)

A municipal traffic citation is a violation of the Model Traffic Code and includes handicapped parking violations, fire zone parking violations, parking more than twelve inches from the curb, or parking too close to a fire hydrant. Citations are issued by the Arvada Police Department and are processed through the court system.  Failure to respond to a traffic violation may result in a warrant being issued.

To pay a Parking Ticket (Traffic Violation) issued by the Arvada Police Department, follow these steps:

Online Payments Payments can be made online at:
Mail-in or Pay in Person

Arvada Municipal Court
Arvada City Hall
8101 Ralston Road
Arvada, CO 80002