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Renewing Passports

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 virus, the City suspended Passport Services until further notice. The City will continually evaluate the situation and make decisions accordingly. For updates, visit

For updates from the US Department of State regarding the effect of the COVID-19 closures on their processing of passports visit their website homepage here.

Are you looking for General Passport Information? You'll find it at Passport Information.

Renewing by Mail

If you can answer yes to all of the following questions, the renewal must be completed by mail.

  • Is the applicant 18 years of age or older?
  • Do they have their undamaged passport in their possession?
  • Has it been less than 15 years since the issue date of the applicant's most recent passport?
  • Was the applicant over age 16 when their most recent passport was issued?
  • Does the applicant still have the same name or can they document their legal name change?

You will find all of the forms and instructions at




If you answered NO to ANY of the above questions, the renewal MUST be processed in person.

Renewing in Person

Renewal in person is required because

  • The applicant is younger than 18. Apply in person with both parents (under age 16) or at least one parent (age 16 and 17). Bring both your previous passport and your birth certificate.
  • The applicant's most recent passport was lost, stolen, or damaged. You will need to provide proof of citizenship. You will also need to submit a DS-64 Statement of Lost or Stolen Passport. 
  • It has been more than 15 years since the applicant's most recent passport was issued. Apply in person. Bring most recent passport with you.
  • The applicant was under 16 when their most recent passport was issued. Apply in person. Bring most recent passport with you.
  • Applicant Cannot Prove Name Change. If  documentation to support the name change can't be provided, bring birth certificate and proof of identity showing current name.

Please note: renewing in person is like applying for the first time. Review requirements before you come in by visiting our Applying for a Passport page.

Applying for a Passport