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Homeowner Tips for Tree Care

Selecting, Planting and Caring for Trees

Careful planning is necessary when selecting and planting a tree. It is important to plant the right tree in the right location at the right time of year. The Colorado State Forest Service provides a practical guide for tree selection, planting and care.

General Tree Health Tips

Assess the health of your tree. Signs of a healthy tree include:

  • New growth: A healthy tree produces new growth yearly on both its trunk and branches.
  • Healthy branches: Branches should show signs of leaf budding and/or new growth
  • Strong bark: Healthy bark is free of fungi, large holes and cracks.
  • Plenty of leaves for deciduous trees; plenty of needles for evergreens.

Provide maintenance as needed:

  • Prune dead, dying or broken limbs.
  • Inspect for insect damage or disease. 
  • Deep water trees year round (in warmer temps).
  • Apply mulch Note: The Parks Department provides free mulch to residents when it is available. Mulch can be picked up in the parking lot at the Disc Golf Course at 17925 West 64th Parkway just east of Highway 93 on 64th Avenue below the Arvada Blunn Reservoir. You load. You haul.

Weather-related Tips for Trees

From the Colorado Forest Service: