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Sports Complex Permitting and Scheduling

The City of Arvada (City) and Apex Park and Recreation District (Apex) have announced a change to the programming of public playing fields in the community. Beginning, Jan. 1, 2022, the City will manage the permitting and scheduling of organized sports activities including soccer, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, softball and more on the city’s public fields. CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES.

What's Changing

Under a previous intergovernmental agreement, the City owned and maintained the fields, and Apex programmed and operated the activities scheduled on the fields. The agreement expired in 2020. The parties continued operating under the principles of the agreement in 2021. The City and Apex were unable to come to terms on a new agreement and as the City is the owner of the fields, they will assume the permitting function on their fields. By the City assuming permitting functions, they will be both maintaining and permitting their fields, providing a one-stop-shop for field users, and allowing Apex to invest in their own facilities and programs into the future. The consolidation of field programming and maintenance will be supported by the City’s focus on ensuring Arvada’s parks and amenities evolve with our diverse, changing and growing community.

Maintaining Excellent Customer Experience

Maintaining access to a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities and high-quality fields for the community, including youth and adult sports, is a high priority for  both the City and Apex teams. The City and Apex will continue to work together and with other partners to provide inclusive, healthy, community and youth and adult recreation. Consistent with their long-standing partnership, the City and Apex teams are working collaboratively to ensure a smooth transition and high standard of service, including conducting regular check-in meetings and Apex team members sharing institutional knowledge and data to help the City be ready to manage scheduling of fields.

Resources for additional information

In advance of transferring scheduling activities to the City, Apex is currently collecting field rentals for requests received prior to Dec. 30, 2021, for the upcoming winter (Jan. 1 – Feb. 27, 2022) and spring (Feb. 28 – June 30, 2022) seasons. Questions regarding these requests can be directed to Apex Recreation Manager Whitney Walker (, 303-467-7144).

Questions regarding the transition, field maintenance issues and reservations for summer and fall 2022 can be directed to the City at 720-898-7400 or

This webpage will provide information on the progress of the transition as well as information about service delivery moving forward. Apex youth and adult programming will continue to be provided at