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Barking Dogs

It is unlawful for an owner or custodian of an animal to allow that animal to create a disturbance by loud, persistent, or habitual barking, howling, yelping or other unreasonable noise.

Options for Resolution

  • Try talking. We encourage you to contact your neighbor and try to work it out on the neighborhood level first before filing a complaint. Although this is not required, it can be an effective way of resolving the issue and opening up direct communication with your neighbor.
  • Request a letter. If speaking to them directly is not an option, you may request a form letter, provided by Arvada Animal Management, which you can send to the owner

How Can I File a Complaint?

To file a barking dog complaint you must provide:

  • An exact location of where the dog lives.
  • A description of the animal.
  • Dates and timeframes the dog barks.  
  • Your name, address and phone number.

 Submit a Barking Dog Complaint



What Happens when a Complaint is Filed?

When Animal Management receives a complaint of a barking dog:

  • The owner is first given a written or verbal warning.  
  • If this does not resolve the problem, a ticket may be issued.
  • For a ticket to be issued, the ordinance requires two witnesses from separate households to be willing to testify to the specific complaint.

If you would like to request a form letter, a brochure on barking dogs or to file a barking dog complaint please submit a service request or call Animal Control at 720-898-6850.