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Code Enforcement (Neighborhood Services)

Our goal is to ensure the community is preserved for a lifetime. To achieve this goal, we work to ensure commercial and residential areas are maintained. Code Enforcement officers respond to reports submitted by community members. Code enforcement can be a complicated process and can vary based on many factors. Please keep in mind that the issue you are reporting may not be resolved as quickly as you would prefer. Due process must be followed. 

Report a Code Concern                             

There are several ways that you may register a concern. If you have a question about city ordinances, please explore Common Code Questions.

  • Online -  Ask Arvada is our online question database that will  let you register a complaint online.  This is the most efficient way to enter a complaint.
     Submit Code Violation

  • Phone - 720-898-7465. 
  • In person or by mail - 8101 Ralston Road, Arvada, CO 80002


What to Expect After You Report a Code Concern

All Code Enforcement concerns will be assigned to a team member within 3 days

Most Code Violations
(Time frame varies depending on type of violation)
Violations involving a vehicle, RV or trailer
Within 30 days: A Code Compliance Officer performs an inspection  Within 3 to 10 days of receipt, the reported vehicle is inspected.
Within 30 days: The violator must come into compliance Vehicle tagged with warning and tires/street marked.
Compliance deadline reached: second inspection performed Within 3 to 10 days, vehicle is re-inspected.
IN COMPLIANCE: Report is closed. IN COMPLIANCE: Report closed
IN VIOLATION: Summons issued.  IN VIOLATION: Vehicle towed and report closed.
  • Once a summons is issued, it moves OUT of Code Enforcement and INTO the Court System.
  • A case that moves into the Court System can take up to a year to complete. 
  • Full-size semi trucks (cab, trailer or both) follow an expedited process.
  • Vehicle violations on private property follow the process described under Most Code Violations.