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National Public Works Week 2020

The purpose of National Public Works Week is to educate the public about the importance of public works—planning, building, managing, and operating at the heart of local communities to improve quality of life each day. 

Public Works in your neighborhood

Infrastructure and public works activity are all around us but we seldom notice it. . .unless it stops working! Our streets and sidewalks, drinking water, storm water and wastewater systems form an important, but mostly hidden, backbone for our community. 

Explore Public Works

Resources for children to learn about Public Works

Get involved

Share your point of view: Speak Up Arvada is the engagement platform for the City of Arvada. The City uses the site to post projects that benefit from resident feedback. You can subscribe to get updates when new projects are posted.

Currently, there are two active infrastructure projects:

Adopt a Street: Help keep Arvada Beautiful by volunteering for the Adopt-A-Street Program, and collect litter from our community streets, parks, green belts, and waterways. 

Follow the City of Arvada on social media: The City posts information about engagement opportunities, active construction projects and more on social media. Follow us online to keep informed about what's happening around the City. 

Public Works in Arvada

In the City of Arvada, most public works activity happens in the Infrastructure Work System. The Infrastructure Work System houses the Public Works and Utilities Departments. The community depends on a well-maintained foundation of streets, sidewalks, and water, wastewater and stormwater facilities. Planned and steady population growth requires proper maintenance of existing infrastructure and additional capacity to support a thriving community. The Public Works and Utilities departments work collaboratively to ensure the City’s infrastructure system allows Arvada residents to experience a safe, vibrant and prosperous community. 

The City of Arvada Departments of Public Works and Utilities recently received full accreditation by the American Public Works Association (APWA) for the second time. This accreditation formally verifies and recognizes that the City is in full compliance with the recommended management practices set forth in APWA’s Public Works Management Practices Manual. 

The purpose of accreditation is to promote excellence in the operation and management of a public works agency, its programs and employees. Accreditation is designed to assist the City in continuous improvement of its public works operations and management, and provide a valid and objective evaluation of City programs as a service to the public and the profession.