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Stormwater Utility Fee

Since January 2002, residents and businesses in the City limits of Arvada have been required to pay a Stormwater Utility fee.  This fee is added to water/wastewater bills, or billed separately for those who do not receive an Arvada water/wastewater bill.  Like the water/wastewater utility fees that are only used to provide drinking water and wastewater services, this fee is used only for the City’s stormwater needs.

The Stormwater Utility fee is based upon the amount of area on each property that does not allow water to absorb into the ground, such as driveways, patios, and rooftops. The Stormwater Utility fee is charged to every landowner (residential, business, non-profits, churches, state, federal, and municipal) in the City of Arvada. The fee provides revenue of approximately $3 million per year, 25% for the Stormwater Permit and 75% for the Flood Control Projects.  The approved monthly Stormwater fee is $0.00152 per square foot ($1.52 per 1,000 square feet) of impervious area.

Stormwater Permit:  Regulations were enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency and State of Colorado that require cities to obtain a Stormwater Permit.  The City’s Stormwater Utility funds the necessary programs under the Stormwater Permit to address or clean-up potential pollution before stormwater carries it to streams thus improving the quality of water in area lakes and streams. 

Flood Control:  In addition, the Stormwater Utility has been funding 33 flood control projects and the maintenance of the City’s storm sewer system.  Two of the major flood control projects recently completed include the Van Bibber and the Arvada Channel projects.

Arvada is one of 18 other front range cities that have established a Stormwater Utility to address these needs.